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A pioneer in vegetarian food products, Tartex has been creating vegetable pâtés since 1942. The entire range of delicious products can be easily incorporated into your daily meals. As such, Tartex represents a truly gourmet alternative to the consumption of products derived from animals.

Creation of Tartex’s first vegetable terrines! Inspired by the idea of creating exquisite tasting toasts.

Launch of Tartex Traiter frais: vegetarian-style charcuterie and serving  platters!

Number of Tartex products available, which includes 21 different recipes for vegetarian terrines.


Tartex has always been committed to making vegetarian cuisine more accessible to all, by offering organic and gourmet alternatives to animal proteins. The brand’s efforts go even further however, as the energy used to manufacture their vegetable terrines is also 100% clean. It comes from either hydro, solar or biomass sources. Each production stage is also studied in order to limit waste or inefficient energy use.